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Welcome to Caboose Farm Dairy Goats!

As with most dairy goat owners there is always a story as to how it all began. We moved to Apple Valley, California in 1974 from Colorado. My mother, Deanna Carlson decided that we should have some animals on our 1 acre desert oasis. She brought home a grade alpine kid we named "Tootsie" in the middle of December. It was to cold for the lone baby to be outside by herself so she slept in my room on the bed with me. Shortly after the purchase of "Tootsie", Deanna purchased a few more friends. It wasn't until later that my parents purchased our first registered goat, a Toggenburg named Lockhaven Cindante Regina for me. My sister Holly and my brother Brian soon had goats of their own too. Caboose Farm consisted mainly of Toggengurgs and Saanens with a couple of Nubians sprinkled in. My mom decided on the herd name Caboose Farm to keep our train buff father, Bob interested. Bob built the semi famous caboose trailer that we traveled to many goat shows in southern california in. This was the begining of Caboose Farm. After the kids left home Bob and Deanna kept a few goats but eventually retired from dairy goats all together Then in 2003, Jay and Barbara revived the herd name and son Jake purchased two Toggs from Rowe's Toggenburgs and a Saanen from Redwood Hill Farm. Abby wanted a goat but was to young for a dairy goat so she started with Barney a pygmy goat wether. Of course Abby decided when she was old enough she was fond of La Mnachas so we had to have a few of those also thanks to Kastdemur's Dairy Goats.

We do show at several local ADGA sanctioned shows, our County and State Fairs. as well as a few ADGA National Shows. The kids are active in the Wilton 4-H Club and Elk Grove FFA. Everybody helps out with the feeding, milking, kidding and chores.

We are located in the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley, just 14 miles south of Sacramento, California in the town of Elk Grove.

If it were not for breeders such as Charlie & Dr. Joan Dean-Rowe, DVM, Jennifer & Scott Bice, Karen & Krista Senn, Marty Holzhauser and Jan Carlson who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience, we would not be raising goats today. For we have found that all of them and the many other breeders and exhibitors that we see at shows and events we attend, to be full of fun, encouragement and friendly competition. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Caboose Farm 
The Carlson Family
11720 Sheldon Lake Drive
Elk Grove, California  95624
(916) 689-7602

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